In the following lines you will find out what you can expect if you choose me for your wedding preparations. Wedding makeup for me is much more than “just” a perfect look.

Let’s do it!

How do I book a date?

After you contact me (on social networks or here, via the contact form), I will confirm the availability of the date and we will agree on the payment of the deposit. This is non-refundable and I deduct it from the total package amount. It serves as a binding reservation of the date for me, and for you as a guarantee that if I should happen to be unable to work (as it has thankfully never happened so far), I undertake to help you find an adequate replacement in the same price range. At the same time, you will fill out a bridal questionnaire for me, in which I will have all the relevant information together. Once the deposit is paid, the date is definitely yours and we can start fine-tuning your preferences. I’ll want to see a photo of the dress, some idea of your makeup and hair, and usually ask what you’re normally used to and what your style is. In short, the more I know about you, the more likely I will be to hit the mark for you at the fitting.

When does the test take place and is it even necessary?

The bridal make-up and hairstyle trial takes place about 3 weeks – a month before the wedding. This is because skin can change and what looked great on you six months ago may not fit at all today (visually, emotionally, possibly health-wise – which we always try to avoid as much as possible). The test is for both of us. We’ll fine-tune your idea and I’ll know what all will need to be brought in on D-day. You, in turn, have the opportunity to see if everything is comfortable for you. So please don’t ask me for a wedding package without a rehearsal, it would be unnecessary extra stress for both you and me.

svatební líčení nevěsty

What happens at makeup test?

The test lasts about 3 hours and usually takes place at my place in Horoměřice (10 minutes by bus from metro A Bořislavka). At the rehearsal I will create your makeup and hairstyle as I will do it on D-day. So the makeup will be waterproof, you will have lashes glued on (unless we agree otherwise) and we will work out the hairstyle together so that it complements the cut of the dress and everything fits. I recommend leaving plenty of time for it and ideally doing it in the morning. This way you have a chance to test everything out and see how the hair and makeup behave throughout the day.

I will consult with you during the trial on the important steps, but you can have a mirror covered and experience the same wow effect as the groom when he first sees you.

How to prepare for the test

I recommend arriving at the test in a white top (or a top in the color of the dress) so you can better visualize everything together. If you already have your jewelry and embellishments/accessories picked out, be sure to bring everything with you. I have some hair ornaments as well and will be happy to lend them out if needed. If you are a regular at your beauty appointments, schedule your appointment ideally about a week before your exam. I don’t recommend having a freshly done lashlift, or day-old eyebrow lamination.

Please wash your hair the night before with normal shampoo and conditioner. Just skip the oil-based rinseless products.

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