Whether it’s your prom, 1st extended, or you’re going to the kids’ prom, you definitely deserve unparalleled care to look great all night long.

And that’s my goal when it comes to prom makeup.

My favorite part is when I can try everything on with the prom girls beforehand, so that they too can be sure that everything will be perfect and to their liking on prom day.

However, if we don’t make the rehearsal, I guarantee you a perfect look that will stay where it should all evening (or night) and make you feel special.

You don’t necessarily have to use this type of makeup only for proms, but also for corporate parties or other social events where you want to shine.

Standard procedure
  • We'll arrange a test date
  • Consultation on appropriate hairstyle and make-up in relation to the dress, etc.
  • We'll try everything (even several variants) and choose the one the best
  • We'll fine-tune the organizational details and see if anyone else wants a look
  • On D-Day, we're going to do everything right