What will it cost you?

Package "Classic"

The price includes a bridal make-up and hair trial and a small, practical gift on the wedding day as a treat. I will get you ready, send you off to the ceremony and then pack up and leave during the ceremony.

Package "Left Hand of the Bride"

(I assume your right hand will be the bridesmaid)

The price includes a bridal makeup and hair trial and a small practical gift on the day, as a wedding favor. I stay with you all day. Please note that the price of this package is always individual depending on how long I will realistically be with you at the wedding. We will confirm the final price once you have a clear timetable, and agree when you no longer need me at your wedding.


Besides brides, I am happy to take care of mothers, bridesmaids and co. I can set them up complete, or makeup/hair styling can be arranged separately. Makeup for bridesmaids I offer for 1200 CZK and takes about 30 minutes. Hairstyling/blowout takes approx 30-50 minutes and ranges from 1200 Kč – 1600 Kč depending on the complexity of the chosen hairstyle. If the interest is high and time is short, I will get a skilled colleague to join me for the bridal party.


7500 Kč

Left Hand of the Bride

od 12 000 Kč


1800 - 2200 Kč

If you are interested in my services, please write to me via the CONTACT FORM.


The price of transport is 10 CZK/km and is not included in the package price. I always count the number of km from Horoměřice and back.

If due to the distance the travel would hurt too much your

your budget, I will be happy to agree on a compromise. I can arrive the day before (maybe with some of the wedding guests), stay overnight on site and someone would take me back to the nearest reasonable connection to Prague. The cost to you at this point will turn into accommodation for me for one night (at someone’s home if you like, I’m definitely not demanding), travel fare for the return journey and a symbolic 500 CZK for my extra time with you. If I’m with you the night before, I’ll be happy to get involved in wedding preparations, decorations, etc.

This part is very variable and I’m sure we can work something out – there are plenty of options.


hollywood waves

This style of hairstyle is gorgeous, timeless and elegant. However, a specific technique is needed to make it last through the wedding revelry, which is quite time consuming. Therefore, please allow for the fact that this hairstyle will add at least an hour to our preparation time (depending on the length and density of your hair) and is priced differently because of this. You will have to pay an extra +1000 CZK for it.